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Author Topic: Maytag MAV9504EWW, 9+ years old  (Read 1643 times)

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Maytag MAV9504EWW, 9+ years old
« on: December 11, 2014, 11:30:33 AM »

I have a Maytag MAV9504EWW with a 10 year birthday coming up 9-26-2015 and the transmission just went out.  The agitator sounded like grinding metal gears and it could be moved freely in either CW or CCW during the agitation cycle.  Agitator itself is solid and only spins one way when removed.  The warranty on this machine is for "all parts of the transmission assembly" for 10 years.  I spoke directly with Maytag and a local company which is Maytag authorized will replace the transmission, labor only, for 223.95 + tax.  This machine had a new belt 2 months ago and a new motor last year and a new water temperature sensor 3 years ago.  I can replace just about anything on it except for the "special tools required" repairs.  For the tranny, I spoke directly with the local authorized service manager prior to the tech coming out to my house.  He was to bring the transmission and do the labor and bill me the 223.95 +tax.  I should mention that it took two weeks to get the transmission in from Maytag.  The tech right off the bat is wanting to charge $79.00 to diagnose the washer.  I told him he was there to replace the transmission under warranty and did he bring the warranty transmission along?  Yes he did, but they always charge a $79.00 diagnostic fee -->I never was told this by anyone at the local repair shop.  He's looking over the machine and says there's a little part above the thrust bearing that always wears out and that in his 16 years in appliance repair, not having the agitator move is always caused by this little plastic part.  Surprise surprise it actually is not the little plastic part, but is indeed the transmission.  So he starts writing up an estimate:

Diagnostic Call     $79.00
Transmission         $0.00
Seals                 $104.58
Thrust Bearing     $31.95
Labor for Trans  $233.95
Tax                     $31.46
TOTAL               $480.94

Reality is-->the Thrust Bearing works fine and checking on numerous websites the seals and lower bearing are included in kit number 35-6615 with the transmission.  When I  spoke with the service manager at the local appliance repair shop, I had a labor price set and parts covered under warranty.   The tech said he would charge the $79.00 now, get the seals ordered (another two week delay), and then I would owe the balance.  I have one major question that I need to have answered before talking to the service manager again.   Does Maytag kit 35-6615 have everything needed (including all the seals) to replace the transmission on my washer or do I need some other seal or whatever???
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Re: Maytag MAV9504EWW, 9+ years old
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2014, 11:01:16 AM »

I spoke with the service manager and he said that the tech did what he was supposed to do for a standard service call and didn't see a need to change the system.  I pointed out that this was an agreed to price and repair and that it went through Maytag customer service to line up.  I also pointed out that when the tranny goes next time, we will be looking at a new machine and that the company that helps me to keep costs down and my current machine running will at least get the nod in terms of customer/appliance service.  Didn't matter.  Then I pulled out my ace in the hole-->I record any call that is concerning a warranty or concerns more than $10 of expense to me.  It costs very very little to do and has saved me countless time and money when I get guaranteed/promised something only to have an individual backtrack when the actual performance of service is to happen.  Service manager goes 180 on me and I provide incentive for him to come back the 180 degrees.  Supposedly, the tech will be showing up at my door with the correct kit and will charge me the agreed to price for install.  I will follow up one month or so after the new tranny is installed.
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Re: Maytag MAV9504EWW, 9+ years old
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2014, 08:32:32 PM »
Thanks for the update, keep us posted.