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Author Topic: GE Side x Side  (Read 967 times)

Offline aazg4

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GE Side x Side
« on: November 24, 2014, 07:23:58 PM »

I have  common GE  aide by side refrigerator.  Don't have model number but it is one with the encoder wheel.  (Knobs n not digital imterface.)   The baffle opens when you plug the fridge up. After it reaches temp the air baffle  closes but nefwr opens again causing  fridge side to get warm.  I replaced thermistor and baffle and control board.  Could it be the controls causing this problem???  Or even maybe a thermistor in the freezer side.  I just don't know this one is strange. Any advice thanks in advance

Offline Maytag Man 6725

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Re: GE Side x Side
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2014, 09:24:25 AM »
I would be looking for one of two things. Either the main board was replaced and j1-2 jumper wasn't cut. Or look for a door switch problem. Is your door sitting too low, not depressing switch plunger all the way in. On these models, if the door is left open for more than 3 min, the control goes into liner preservation mode ( damper shuts and fan or fans run). Also, have you checked your FF thermistor ?

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Re: GE Side x Side
« Reply #2 on: December 06, 2014, 02:42:35 AM »
First off,  what is the model number of the refrigerator?    Maytag right,   if you didn't cut the jumper could be causing problem.   With the new board,  they give you instructions to cut it on certain model numbers.     Also,   Freezer side thermistor shouldn't be causing problem,   cause the board logic chip should recognize the FF thermistor as the reason to open or close the air damper as it needs to cool compartment .      If it were me,    I would have door open,   tape down door switch,   and have FF thermistor hanging out and hit it with a hair dryer or heat gun.      See if baffle opens.   If not,   the problem could be a bad board (even though you just replaced,   could be a faulty new board.   I've had a few new ones bad) or bad thermistor or both.      Don't always trust new parts,   believe me,  I've been burned by that in the past.     Can't be baffle if it initially opens unless it is sticking sometimes when closed. .  Good Luck, 
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