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Author Topic: Dishwasher does not stop running for Normal cycle  (Read 2478 times)

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Dishwasher does not stop running for Normal cycle
« on: November 11, 2014, 09:01:07 AM »

The dishwasher (GE Profile PDW9280J00SS) stopped working one day. Upon troubleshooting using a voltage tester, it was confirmed that the Thermal Fuse (Bi-metal Fuse) was faulty.

Looked up the model number on the bad fuse (Model # 661566) and ordered a new fuse (Thermostat) from Amazon (Link: Connected all wiring back in place. Dishwasher turned on and everything appears to be normal. But, another problem started. When selecting the "Normal" cycle and starting the dishwasher (which typically takes 70 minutes to complete), the dishasher does not stop.  I disconnected the power from the outlet, waited for more than 10 minutes, re-connected the power back, pressed the Start/Reset button for over 10 seconds, started the dishwasher for "Normal" cycle. Even then, after 90 minutes or so, the dishwasher does not stop. It just keeps running. After the "Normal" cycle elapsed time, the sound of water getting drained can be heard and then later the sound of the motor can be heard. It appears as if the "Normal" cycle completes and starts all over again. I can confirm this as tried to start the dishwasher in Normal cycle at 10PM and it was still running the next morning at 6AM.

I tested with "Rinse" cycle, where the elapsed time is 20 minutes. There is no problem with "Rinse" cycle. The cycle completes in 20 minutes and it remains quite after 10 minutes. This confirmed that something wrong with the "Normal" cycle" itself. I have not tested if other cycles on that Dishwasher as working fine as I never use those other cycles.

I did some research and ordered the following additional 3 parts from Sears
1. Dishwasher electronic control board (Part # WD21X10187)
2. Dishwasher keypad assembly (Part # WD34X10915)
3. Vent driver (Part # WD21X10172)

First, I replaced the control board. The dishwasher still would not stop.
Second, I replaced the keypad assembly with new control board. The dishwasher still would not stop.
Third, I replaced the vent driver with both new control board and new keypad assembly. The dishwasher still would not stop.

In summary, I replaced with following 4 parts all new: Bi-metal thermal fuse, electronic control board, keypad assembly and Vent driver. Still  the dishwasher would not stop at the end of "Normal" cycle.

Can anyone suggest/advice what is causing the dishwasher not to stop after the typical "Normal" cycle elapsed time is complete?


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Re: Dishwasher does not stop running for Normal cycle
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2015, 07:27:50 PM »