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Author Topic: Surge protection vs Low voltage protecton  (Read 2305 times)

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Surge protection vs Low voltage protecton
« on: October 25, 2014, 12:28:19 PM »

Our A/C company, from whom we purchase our two heat pumps new eight years ago, is always trying to get us to add something to the system saying it will void the warranty if we do not install the parts.  Why didn't they install them in the first place if the warranty was void without them?    First it was compressor savers.  We agreed to install those.  Then they said we need surge protection.  We agreed.  Last Spring they said we needed low voltage protection.  We said go ahead and install.  But the thing they installed is Supco SCM150, which is another surge protector.   Supco's website does not indicate this to work for low voltage as well as surges.

They recommended we install UV lights to clean the incoming air.  Once we did that, they told us that we needed to change the bulbs out every year at a (then) cost of $720.  I changed them on my own at six years for $320 total for the two units.

We do not have much faith in this company.  About two years ago the tech said we only have about a 17 degree drop in temperature between incoming and return air and that we had a freon leak in BOTH heat pumps and it would cost $225 EACH, just to trace the leaks.
We actually measured a 22 degree drop so we did not have the leak check done.  We have our units checked every six months and the next three checks (different techs) not one word was said about a freon leak and the temp drop was always 20-22 degrees.

NOW, the guy is saying that we need to replace the TXV on one of the units.  He said the heater doesn't work any more.  Yet, when he was running the unit to test it, heat was pouring out of the vents and the house got very hot.   We've had the units serviced every six months since new.  Even the last service check showed unit was working perfectly and we have not run the heat since April 2014 when it was last checked.  In fact, we rarely run the heat more than four or five days ALL YEAR!  We heat the house with wood and a wood stove, for the most part.

Oh, and the Supco SCM150?  They charged us for two of those but there is only one installed.  For the record, the two heat pumps are on opposite sides of the house. 

I had a lengthy talk with the owner of the A/C company a couple of days ago, voicing my opinion that we are getting screwed over.  He is sending his Tech Manager, as well as the Head of Sales out on Monday to check our system.

I would appreciate some guidance and comments.  Particularly about the main question:  Is the Supco SCM150 surge protector meant to also protect against low voltage?

It would be great to hear your opinions before those guys get here on Monday.


Ken Thompson
Bellville TX