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tool tip LG topload washers

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If you are removing the basket on the LG washers and do not have the special wrench (that I have not located) you can use a work around that works great for me. A standard Water heater heater nut tool fits good on the LG nut and the circular attachment for the whirlpool spanner fits real good to the outside of the htr tool so I can use the spanner with the htr tool and pull the nut on a lg basket

this tool tip brought to you by desperation, I normally have a larger crescent wrench in the truck but had taken it out for something at home and forgot it -- so I innovated a fix and got the job done-- thing is I like using this a lot better than the crescent because it makes use of tools already in the carry in bag.

if you mean the nut in the bottom of the lg topload baskets I think it's just a 1 1/2 inch socket.... I picked up a deepwell one that fits over the agitator drive and I use it with an impact gun...  haven't had to chisel one off since I got it... found the socket at autozone

should be a 38 mm

Maytag Man 6725:
Good tip. Thanks!


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