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Author Topic: Wolf oven door disassembly  (Read 2232 times)

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Wolf oven door disassembly
« on: July 28, 2014, 11:31:49 PM »

Today I bought a working Wolf CH-6-29 range. It won't be put into use right away as I'm going to rebuild the entire kitchen. This range is the black enamel model. I'm pretty sure that I'll have the removable top parts cleaned and refinished with high temp powder coating. I'd like to also make at least the door look nice as well. To powder coat it I would need to disassemble the door. Pretty obvious how to remove the handle but the door itself seems to be at least an inner and an outer stamping probably filled with insulation. The sheet metal parts seem to be held together with what I'll call "rivets". Unstead of pop-rivets or peened over rivets, these seem reusable.

I have seen this style before. There is an oval head which is larger than the holes in the sheet metal. Below the head would be a cylindrical section of a diameter more or less the size of the holes in the sheet metal. The entire rivet has a slightly tapered hole down the center and the cylindrical section is slit top to bottom on two sides opposite each other. A steel pin is pushed through the hole spreading the cylindrical section at the slits and grabing on to the sheet metal.

It seems that you could use a drift pin to drive the pins all the way through the rivets and out the ends. This would loosen the rivets and allow them to be pulled out of the holes. Once the rivits were removed, you could separate the inner and outer halves and retrieve the pins. Once the sheet metal was refinished, the door could be reassembled re-using the rivets.

This is how it looks like it might work but before I prove myself wrong and ruin the door  :oops:, has anyone done this or does anyone know that my thinking is wrong?

 :thanks: in advance