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Author Topic: LG gas dryer flame won't stay lit.  (Read 45108 times)

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Re: LG gas dryer flame won't stay lit.
« Reply #20 on: March 01, 2010, 12:02:55 AM »



This has no impact on the function of the burner in any way/shape or form.

If an LG gas dryer burner "lights" then "goes out" after a few seconds---99 percent of the time this is caused by poor venting.
A manometer test is required to verify if the vent sytem is adequate before any attention is given to checking the dryer components.
The manometer water-column information is located in the owner manual.

Fabric softener sheets *do* coat the moisture sensors with a wax residue. This shows up as a symptom of NOT DRYING LAUNDRY COMPLETELY.
It is also more common to get this complaint when heavy fabrics are  in the dryer. Lighter loads will dry in spite of the wax interference on the sensors because less time is needed to dry light fabrics anyway.
Towels/denims and blankets will be the type of laundry adversely affected by wax-coated sensors.
Although the owner manual *does* state that it is not advisable to use fabric softener sheets--cleaning the 2 stainless steel sensors on the drum-side of the lint filter housing with a SCOTCHBRITE Pad after every load will allow the dryer to function adequately.

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Re: LG gas dryer flame won't stay lit.
« Reply #21 on: March 26, 2010, 09:40:40 AM »
The fix is in...!! First, I must thank "MD" for allowing me to catch a glaring error...I, too, have a "7188", rather than a "3788"...I copied the number off the manual facing page, rather than off the dryer. My humblest apologies to anyone confused. As it turns out, they're almost exactly the same, so no harm done. Back to the "fix"... I ordered a thermistor: the one that resides within the blower housing, accessable from the back side, and difficult to install without removing the drum (but not impossible). I've now replaced most everything but the motor, gas valve (they all test fine!), the drum and the housing. The problem lingered on. At others' suggestion, I disconnected all venting to remove back-pressure possibilities, cleaned it out totally (it was, already; and... my 'fat-old-wife' doesn't use fabric softener, either)...still no change! So, there was but one final part that needed to be replaced...and a trip to Sears completed that!!! Yes, a new Whirlpool with extended warranty has allowed me to move the  two-year-old L.G. "POS" into the garage 'for further movement to a donation center near me'. No more "black hole" for my money! No more frustrations. No more L.G...! The Sears guy mentioned problems with L.G., and said their people DO have testing parameters and methodologies to allow them to locate the problem and fix it...without my having to pay for replacement parts that aren't needed. Unfortunately, I didn't have an 'extended warranty' through them for the L.G. Bottom line: it'll become someone else's challenge, no doubt more capable and knowledgeable than I. I hope my experience is of help to someone else in a similar situation, and that other's suggestions have allowed them to fix their unit. As for me, the new dryer I bought probably was cheaper in the long run than having the repair guy keep throwing good parts after good, at my expense. Thanks, all!! "The Mad Scientist" (well, not as mad as I once was!)

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Re: LG gas dryer flame won't stay lit.
« Reply #22 on: March 27, 2010, 12:01:48 AM »
Date of issue: 22 Jan 2008
Effective Date: 01 Feb. 2008
Subject: Gas Valve Quick Cycling


 1. If, while repairing, you can see a flame, the machine is okay. Check the vent and its installation.DO NOT exchange the thermostat assembly and gas valve. (About 70% of gas valves returned for factory evaluation are normal. The problem had been diagnosed incorrectly.)
2. With the dryer running, check for air flow through the outside exhaust hood. If there is little or no air flow, clean or replace the exhaust vent and clean the entire exhaust system.
3. DO NOT use a foil vent or a plastic vent.Use a rigid metal vent. (If a flexible section is necessary to align the dryer with the exhaust vent, it must be metal and as short as possible).


The Gas Valve cycles on and off frequently.

The drying is poor and ineffective.

Hi-Limit thermostat tripped


If a servicer runs the dryer with the door open or the front removed, outside air can be sucked in. This disrupts the airflow into the burner housing, creating an abnormal flame size and resulting in the Hi-Limit thermostat being tripped.

The vent or lint filter is clogged.

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Re: LG gas dryer flame won't stay lit.
« Reply #23 on: March 27, 2010, 05:51:44 PM »
This remark may have nothing to do with your problem but is worth stating.
A friend of mine purchased a new LG gas dryer.
It would not work correctly after installation.
Four LG authorized service calls later it still did not work correctly.
Due to another issue with his gas appliances,the gas company found incorrect water column pressure in his system. A new regulator solved all his problems including the gas LG dryer issue.
Seems the LG gas dryer has internal sensors that shut the machine down if too high or low pressure is sensed.
His range started heating erratically causing him to contact the gas company.
His range was hissing and blowing too large a flame in the oven.
His pressure was way too high.
Perhaps John63 can confirm or deny this.
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Re: LG gas dryer flame won't stay lit.
« Reply #24 on: March 27, 2010, 07:49:52 PM »
Jumpy let me get this straight. Replacing the gas pressure regulator at the meter fixed the problem right? So the appliance was fine when the gas pressure was equalized for the house?
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Re: LG gas dryer flame won't stay lit.
« Reply #25 on: March 27, 2010, 09:31:17 PM »
LG gas dryers have a gas pressure regulator at the gas valve but no sensors for monitoring gas pressure.

Compared to most other brands of gas dryers--the LG *gas*dryer is VERY temperamental if the exhaust vent system is longer than 8 feet and having more that (2) 90 degree vent elbows/turns. The gas burner will short-cycle and drying performance becomes unacceptable.

LG *electric* dryers are far more "forgiving" in homes with long vent runs.

Several customers of mine that switched from an LG to a Samsung gas dryer (or other brands) reported that drying performance was vastly improved--in homes with longer-than-should-be venting.

I've had (I think) two cases of incorrect gas meter-to-appliance pressures. Both were propane gas arrangements in new home construction.

In one warranty case--I've seen a brand new LG natural gas dryer in which the flame ignited in the burner and then shut-down after 2-3 seconds. The home was about five years old and the vent system was "buried" in the wall ( These are tough to inspect). The customer had a vent cleaning service check the dryer venting--it was severely restricted.
After the venting was completely cleaned---the dryer functioned perfectly.

Just yesterday I had a gentleman with an LG electric dryer--he insisted that he successfully cleaned his vent system in the 2nd floor laundry room. The dryer was taking approximately 2-3 hours to dry laundry.
The vent system was about 12-16 feet length (again-buried in the wall)
I asked if he was able to reach the entire length of the vent.
Somewhat annoyed--he responded that the REAL problem was with the dryer and not the vent.
We placed a small load in the dryer & disconnected the vent behind the dryer. After 23 minutes the load was completely dry. Surprised at this--he called his wife and told her to feel the laundry to verify that the dryer was indeed working correctly.
I then gave the customer a number to contact a (reputable) vent cleaning service.
Sometimes it is VERY,VERY difficult to convince consumers of the paramount importance for a clear/clean vent. The shorter length the better (not too short--but that's another story altogether).

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Re: LG gas dryer flame won't stay lit.
« Reply #26 on: August 20, 2013, 03:34:14 PM »
have a no thrills Estate gas dryer the flame will stay on for 30 seconds then drops off. I cleaned the whole entire dryer inside and out. Pulled off vent tube, same problem. The glow plug will just recycle turning on and off without turning on the flame. I replaced the coils, and that didn't help. Tested all the sensors for continuity, and they tested all good. This dryer doesn't have a circut board just a timer switch. Help!

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Re: LG gas dryer flame won't stay lit.
« Reply #27 on: June 28, 2014, 09:44:22 PM »
Let me just say this I have never once payed for anyone to service or repair anything for me from cars to appliances ect.

I opened a user account with this forum just to ad to and verify the remedy here . My lg dryer dlg2532 w was giving me issues that mirrored the above described. After running through the entire machine with a multi meter along with some of my own electrical engineering to circumvent safety and sensors I came to conclude Nothing was wrong with anything.....

against my know better mentality telling me that there is NO chance cleaning anything could be the suspect problem fix.

the moisture sensor in the reverse side of the lint trap was covered in a cloudy residue from the wax in fabric softeners.  I cleaned this sensor and put the machine back together and  the machine functions perfectly .!!!!
Haha this is too funny to me because I would never in a million years expect a simple cleaning of a sensor to fix the functionality of something so intricately controlled.

Hope this helps someone else like my self