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Author Topic: Viking (VUAR1431TLSS) beverage fridge not working? Please help.  (Read 1665 times)

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Hello I have a Viking Range Beverage Fridge
Model No.: VUAR1431TLSS
Serial No.: 201110323106H
Here is the manual:
and when I plug power the fridge does not make a sound.  On the temp control display inside the fridge it only display two dash lines where the temperature is suppose to be.  What does the two dash lines mean?  I can't find it in the manual.  When open up the display and reconnect the data cable, but not all the way to the click the condenser and the fan would start up.  But there is nothing on the display.  It is has no light and blank.  If I leave it like that with the door closed it would reach up to 35 degree Fahrenheit (I placed a regular thermometer inside).  How can I fix my fridge so I can see the temperature on display and control it?  Could I be the display board, data cable, the control board, air or evap sensor?  The same result would appear if I have both sensor connected or disconnected.  I check the sensors do receive 5 volt power.

I hope can help me and have experienced this problem.
Thank you in advance.
Photos attached are similar to my fridge.
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