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Author Topic: Kitchenaid Washer Agitator Stuck during the Spin Cycle  (Read 5517 times)

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Kitchenaid Washer Agitator Stuck during the Spin Cycle
« on: July 02, 2008, 06:33:34 AM »

Model Number: KAWS850LQ1 icon, the complaint on this washer was a problem during the spin cycle and that the clothes were getting tangled up at the end of the wash. Because the problem was noted during the spin portion of the cycle, I actuated the lid switch and turned the timer to spin, noticed the basket took off without a problem, but the agitator wouldn't budge without a little help. An odd problem yes, but the solution may surprise you.

What happens during Spin
Normally when a Whirlpool manufactured direct drive washer enters a spin cycle, the gear case will apply rotational drive to the clutch assembly, which will in turn, release the brake and apply drive to the spin tube. The basket itself is attached to the spin tube which has the gear case shaft running up through the center to the agitator. There is no actual drive applied to the agitator itself, but it will free wheel during the cycle and rotate along with the basket.

Looking for (Finding) the Problem
Since the agitator wouldn't move without assistance, I removed the cabinet and started looking over the drive assembly for something that would explain this peculiar operation and found it directly behind the motor. The gear case is attached to the tub support with three bolts that help keep everything straight and in place. The front bolt (the one behind the motor) was loose, resulting in enough resistance being applied to the agitator shaft that it prevented any movement. After tightening the bolt so the gear case was back where it should have been, everything started working just fine again.


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Re: Kitchenaid Washer Agitator Stuck during the Spin Cycle
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2008, 10:30:35 AM »
Brian have ever seen one agitate in the spin cycle? Splain to me what caused that little phenomena?
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