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Author Topic: Leakage in whirlpool dishwasher 10 years old machine !! solved with sucess !!  (Read 2739 times)

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Hi , I have a whirlpool dish washer about 10-12 years old . model number is DU850DWGQ1. This appliance leaks from the front left side corner of the door. I lived with this problem for about a week and when it really started pouring the moment I started it , I had to work it out . Cost of the service charge is something I was not ready to pay !! about $ 100 or more .
I suspect there might be following  possibilities. I tried cleaning all the following to best of my capacity and was very successful!!!!!!!!

Clogged vent screen ( whirlpool part number : 3371710) located on the outer side of the door top left.
Clogged pores of lower spray arm with tower. needle nose twizzers or something like it.
Door gasket damaged , eroded or broken or cracked .
Pick up the Float located at the right bottom corner when u open the door .It is easy to clean and the site of clogging is usually on the inner side walls.
Clogged bottom grid which is located on the inner side floor where the water drains out and is connected to the sink out let .Just pick it up and it pops out  easy . To start I was a little apprehensive but build up all the courage slowly slowly as I discovered quiet a good amount of mess after each activity. I googled for about 2 hours most of the sites and thought it would be helpful to put this as a summary 'cos I actually did NOT FIND THESE tips all under one roof !!!!!!!
It took me and my husband about another 2 hours to clean one by one the above activities.
I hope this can be uploaded  for all seekers to view and use the information.

Good luck using whirlpool .
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