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KitchenAid KUDS35FXss Leaks...multiple issues

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Captain Ed:
Hi Les, Thanks. I already did tighten it a little. Still a couple drops so tightening didn't do much. Kind of stumped.

Did you check water level. Also look up your model number and look at parts break down and maybe Order part to see if you can replace that yourself.

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Here is something I see often. Even at my house. Customers have a dish they think needs a little help so they hand was it at the sink with liquid detergent. Then they rinse it but not very well. That stuff is pure suds. My wife does it to her skillets.


A little cooking oil poured directly into the tub will cut the suds.  I agree with everybody else that the wrong detergent got in there somehow.  Are you washing sponges?

OK try this. Clean out the rinse aid dispenser. Then run with no soap. Let me know if this works. Throw out that bottle of rinse aid.


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