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Author Topic: A better pocket screwdriver: Wiha 25511 Insulated Voltage Detector Screwdriver  (Read 6356 times)

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For years I have been using the type of pocket screwdriver that is often given away at training classes or by parts distributors. Besides using my pocket screwdriver as a screwdriver I also use it every now and then to help pry things apart. Long story short I was using my pocket screwdriver one day to help pop a stuck cover off and ended up getting one heck of a shock.

So the search started to see if I could find a better pocket screwdriver.

I had to do a bit of searching before I found what I was looking for and what I was looking for was a pocket size insulated screwdriver with a pocket clip. Something around the same size as the other type of pocket screwdrivers I had been using for years.

Here is what I finally ended up finding, the Wiha insulated pocket screwdriver.

I have only been using it for a few weeks now, but with the little bit larger diameter handle I find it easier to use and it sure don't hurt that the shaft of the screwdriver is insulated. ;)

Despite what the one reviewer said on Amazon about it I don't feel the finish looks or feels cheap. In fact I think it has a very nice feel to it. I will be writing my own Amazon review on it soon.

Wiha 25511 Insulated Voltage Detector Screwdriver