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Author Topic: Maytag Refrigerator Leaking  (Read 5023 times)

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Maytag Refrigerator Leaking
« on: June 10, 2008, 09:11:23 PM »

Model #MSD2756GEW, the customer noticed water was leaking from under the unit, but there was no apparent pattern to it as it would come and go. They even went so far as to shut the water off to the ice maker, but it continued to leak. Suspecting it was a defrost issue, I removed the rear cover to take a look at the drain hose and pan.

Frost free refrigerators and freezers use a defrost cycle to melt the excess moisture that accumulates on the surface of the evaporator to keep the airway clear and the unit cooling properly. If the unit never entered a defrost cycle, the evaporator would eventually become blocked with ice resulting in poor air circulation and eventually a warm fresh food section, and warmer than normal freezer section. To accomplish this defrosting, most units will have an electric heater mounted under the evaporator that is controlled by a timer, or control board and will periodically turn the compressor off, and the heater on, thus melting the frost away. This melted frost (now water) then will drain away underneath the unit to a condensate pan to evaporate into the room between defrost cycles.

The hose was clear and mounted correctly with the end sitting inside the pan, but I noticed a crack across the bottom of one arm of the pan that looked like it was the problem. Each time the refrigerator entered a defrost cycle, the water would enter the pan, but then slowly leak out of the crack. Replaced this drain pan that had become brittle with age, with a new pan so it doesn't leak anymore.

Just a note of caution, if you need to replace one of these pans, take your time as the installation will require some careful bending of some of the sealed system tubing.

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