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Why do I suspect that this is not to provide better service for the consumer, but rather to tighten up more on the tech?  I hear that GE charges its contract techs $500 bucks a year for the info necessary to fix their machines.  What next, another $500 for the smart phone codes?

I was just looking at a samsung fridge.  The defrost heater is built int to the evaporator -  it is not available separately. 
The evap unit is only $65, but the HVAC tech who has to install it will be $450...

I guess this stuff will continue until the consumers storm the castle with torches and pitchforks

First contact from outer space maybe to a Smart Appliance.I hope its G.E.

Are any of you techs excited about this? I'm not. I also disagree with the statement that they will be more reliable.I really can't see where this improves anything. Dryers don't dry any faster. Refrigerators don't get any colder. They cost more to purchase,cost more to repair and don't last as long. All of this green energy and technology comes at a cost to the consumer. 5 years and counting.

5 years and counting must mean retirement?Less than two years here.Wife is already retired.Honestly i cannot wait.Let the next generation deal with this stuff.40 years doing this.I can say this that i use to enjoy fixing appliances but those days are gone.


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