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Any of you "old" maytag guys remember these.Doing red carpet service was very prestious back in the day .I seem to recall being able to add a premium to the warranty rate .Lots of rules to follow but we got better training out of it .This was before  cell phones ,internet computers etc etc .Some days I miss the old times ,but if you always look to the past the future will pass you by .

Boy do I miss those. I tried to get some "missed you" tags like those made up and no one will do it. Also a "technician working inside" for apartments so you don't get shot by a tenant.

Luckily I live and work in a rural area ,the largest town being about 60,000 people .The crime rate is pretty low .Not to say there aren,t some bad a$$es around .I've often wondered how calls are handled in the seedy neighbourhoods of large cities .Do techs go out together or do you just refuse the call and don't go .Glad I don't have to deal with those kind of issues .

My first toolbox as a professional was a white Red Carpet Service one. I still use my squirt bottle of cleaner with the logo on it.

I still use my Red Carpet Pad for my call book so I don't scratch the counter tops or machines. Still have a couple of shirts as well. Great while it lasted!


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