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Author Topic: Knob doesn't trigger ignitor on GE Cooktop (Model jgp389bev1bb)  (Read 2508 times)

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Hi, this is my first post so go easy on me.  :embarassed:

I am trying to figure out how to fix a GE Cooktop (model jgp389bev1bb) issue I'm experiencing in my home.  Everything on the cooktop works fine, gas flows properly to all four burners.  I have tested this by manually lighting the one burner in question with a match.

The two ignitors on this model, ignites for two burners on each side.  The right side, rear burner ignites fine when the knob is turned to LITE.  It sparks and lights the flame after a few seconds.  But when the right side front burner knob is turned to lite, the gas flows and I can hear that but the ignitor makes no sound and does not spark the flame.

Is this likely a quick fix I can do myself or should I consider having a professional work with the wiring inside the unit?  Is it something specifically with the knob? or more likely something inside the knob's wiring in the unit?

Should I hire someone like GE to come take a look or are there contractors that would be able to handle a job like this for a little less than the mandatory $100 travel fee?

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Re: Knob doesn't trigger ignitor on GE Cooktop (Model jgp389bev1bb)
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2013, 01:53:50 PM »
Replace your burner switch, WB24X5345. It's an easy repair.