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Author Topic: Adjusting the fill volume in a Neptune  (Read 3054 times)

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Re: Adjusting the fill volume in a Neptune
« Reply #10 on: July 04, 2013, 12:34:04 PM »

If it were any other company than Maytag I would say go for it. But since it is a Maytag the engineers were better than most. When they sold these machines they were NOT energy rated water savers for the rebates and the others were. Could it be because you are looking at a larger tub and at a slope? All the others were horizontal, Maytag had a slope.

The angled tub on the Neptune has some advantages as well as some drawbacks. The tumble of the wet clothes during wash is not as effective in the angled tub. However, there are mechanical advantages to the angled design (reduced bearing load, improved balance during spin). By angling the tub, a larger drum is possible while keeping cabinet size small. More water usually means improved washing performance, hence the reason for increasing wash water volume at the outset of wash cycle fill. And yes, I agree that the chemicals play a role in wash performance. And hot water can help. As most of you know, I have no hot water where my resurrected "hot rod" Neptune washer is installed (in the garage with the motorhome, BMW motorcycle, two cars and the mower). However, I lay the garden hose on the concrete drive to heat the water during fill from the hose. The hose is 75 feet so, I do get some nice hot water depending on SRI (solar radiation intensity).

As mentioned, I am a tinkerer, always have been and unlike most of you folks, I do not earn my living performing appliance repair. As such, I bow to your knowledge, skill and experience.

BTW, my ribs are just about ready for the first mop of Bar-B-Q sauce....homemade, secret recipe, of course. Sorry, I cannot divulge the ingredients.

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I used to repair RADAR then they discontinued vacuum tubes. Pity


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