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Author Topic: Coveted Evaporator Wire Harness for KitchedAid Built-In  (Read 1408 times)

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Coveted Evaporator Wire Harness for KitchedAid Built-In
« on: May 21, 2013, 11:54:29 AM »

Just got through a over-the-phone debug on a KSSC42FK series Kitchen Aid built-in refrigerator. Situation: evap fan failed and took out the main control, we rebuilt the main control and the tech replaced the evaporator fan .... evaporator fan won't turn on ... what gives?

Turns out there is a harness adapter that comes with the new fan (but maybe not the instructions) that has to be used on certain models to map the new fan connector to the old unit wiring harness. The new connector is the same form and fit but the wires are in a different place. Nice huh? If you don't use the right adapter, then the fan does not get the 12V power feed from the main board.

On the models that don't use the new adapter you must use the original!

Board p/n 2254739 (subs to 2252159) , Fan p/n 8201589.

Turns out Whirlpool has a document describing this ... attached.

This knowledge could have saved the tech at least one trip and a lot-o-head bashing.
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