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Author Topic: No Clue - Whirlpool AWZ 214 Combo washer Dryer  (Read 961 times)

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No Clue - Whirlpool AWZ 214 Combo washer Dryer
« on: May 15, 2013, 07:37:52 AM »

Hey Guys,

Im having a small issue with my washer dryer and am wondering if it is a simple/cheap to fix or if it would be worth just scrapping the machine as I have had terrible luck with it from the get go.

When you put it on a number 4 cycle (Normal wash) it takes around 5 hours for the cycle to complete and it doesn't appear to spin the clothes after the wash is completed leaving them dripping wet. If you turn the dial over to the 'B' position for Drain/Spin it sounds like it is putting more water in the machine and you cannot hear the drain pump kick in. Interestingly if you put it onto the 'E' Position for Slow Drain/Spin you can hear the drain pump kick in and then it does a small spin and if you put it on that cycle about 3 times the clothes are just about dry enough to hang up.

I had problems when I first got this machine where it was causing the circuit breaker to trip out when it went on the spin cycle and the engineers pretty much rebuilt the machine but didn't notice that the casing had a sharp edge that had cut the wiring loom. They eventually replaced the damaged loom and patched the sharp part of the casing with electrical tape.

So I am wondering if you can provide me with any advice on how to repair this unit or if it is worthless and should be scrapped, if there is a service manual for it that may help can you hook me up.