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Author Topic: Did Self - Diagnostics on GE Side by Side, not sure what Open Ambient Sensor is  (Read 3250 times)

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This question regards a GE Refrigerator Model LSS25XSTB SS

Original Problem:
I was having a problem where my defrost cycle would not stop warming.
The freezer kept being warm (similar to fridge) on top (food was melting).
The bottom of the fridge and freezer would be frozen.
Lots of frozen veggies and melted ice and ice cream.
But the steak stayed frozen.

So I watched some awesome videos. And read on this awesome forum.

What I have done so far:
I tested the resistance of the defrost sensor/defrost heater circuit from the control board--and tested OK.
Then I tested the thermistor resistance on J1.
The FF thermistors tested OK
The FZ thermistors tested weird, they would read a "good" number, then the would open, and repeat.

So, I ordered 2 thermistors and while they were on the way,
While I waited for them, I decided the problem might be bad contacts, so when the thermistors arrived:
1. I put dielectric grease on the thermistor/wiring harness contacts in the freezer (well I could only find the harness for the evaporator thermistor)
2. I put dielectric grease on the connectors going into J1
3. Then I retested the freezer thermistors. (at this point around 60degrees though) they tested fine.

So I decided to see if the grease would fix things.

When the freezer got cold, the evaporator thermistor went back to it's old ways of switching between a good value and being open
But now the Freezer lower thermistor (in the wall between the sections) was testing OK.

So I replaced the evaporator thermistor.
So far, no squirrelly defrost cycles. But I have been keeping my frozen food in the chest freezer in the Garage just in case...

But not being one to embrace victory too quickly, I had found a pdf on this site which had a test mode chart.
I got into self diagnostics and this is what I got/get:
P 1
P 2
P 3
P 4
O 5

In the chart I am looking at, O 5 means Open Ambient Sensor.
But I can't find any mention of an Ambient Sensor part, or a map to show me where it exists.
Then I found another manual for the older side by sides, and back in the day, this error would mean
Thermistor test sequence is:
1. Fresh food top thermistor
2. Fresh food bottom thermistor
3. Quick chill thermistor (displays 0 if unit is not equipped with Quick Chill option)
4. Evaporator thermistor
5. Freezer thermistor

Since my fridge has a "TurboCool" which I think must be marketing speak for "Quick Chill," that chart would mean my Freezer Thermistor is bad, and needs replacing after all.

Anyone have the self diagnostics chart for a LSS25XSTB SS? Or maybe just know the answer off the top of their heads...?  :)
Thoughts on the O 5 code?

Thanks in Advance.

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I think it's a bad control board but check your thermistors at the board first.  Part number WR55X10942. Your fridge doesn't have an Ambient sensor, so disregard that code.