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You can still buy a new direct drive


Thats right. You read it correctly. Unfortunately it will cost you $800. I installed a new commercial set this week. Couldn't hardly wait for Lowes to deliver it so I could look underneath and see if that familiar transmission was still there. It was. Ever since the VMW came out, I was thinking that they couldn't sell that as a commercial washer. I imagine one day the coin ops will only be available as a front loader.

wish it was available non coin op! speed queen is still same old school unit.

Do you know the model #

When did they changed the seal and bearing on a Speed Queen ? It is twice the labor to repair now. 2 hours is my average labor now. Great machine but can you justify that repair on a 4 year old washer? The only way it is worth doing is on a coin op. Miss the Maytag and the direct drive.


--- Quote from: theoldstoveguy on April 22, 2013, 08:16:12 AM ---Miss the Maytag and the direct drive.

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