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Author Topic: Whirlpool Refrigerator - Not running, replaced defrost timer.  (Read 13837 times)

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Complaint: Refrigerator does not run.

This refrigerator had not been running for a few hours. I located the defrost timer and turned the timer with my screwdriver. The refrigerator started running.

The way the defrost timer works is every 8 hours or so the defrost timer turns the refrigerator off and the defrost heaters on. After the refrigerator is done defrosting the timer advances on it's own and starts the refrigerator running again.

In this case the defrost timer turned the refrigerator off to defrost it and the timer got stuck in the defrost cycle.

I manually turned the defrost timer to take it out of the defrost cycle and start the refrigerator running again.

Solution: To repair this refrigerator the defrost timer had to be replace.

This defrost timer is very simple to replace and the replacement defrost timer kit even came with a Instruction Sheet.
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