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Author Topic: GE Profile Front Load Washer won't Spin  (Read 33140 times)

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Re: GE Profile Front Load Washer won't Spin
« Reply #40 on: January 05, 2013, 09:16:15 PM »

Thanks AJ!

Appreciate the links - will do some reading.  Glad to know it' s Whirlpool.  That was my hunch while shopping since features were so similar.  Though $100 less. 

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Re: GE Profile Front Load Washer won't Spin
« Reply #41 on: January 05, 2013, 09:18:22 PM »

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Re: GE Profile Front Load Washer won't Spin
« Reply #42 on: July 15, 2015, 05:27:22 PM »
This thread and topic helped me fix my washer, it is this GE model (WPXH214A0WW)  as well and had the same problem, and I hope I hope I can help someone else too. The GE and the Frigidaire models  are the same and use the same parts (see below for thankyou on that information) GE parts seem to cost more, but other than plastic colors they look exactly the same as the Figidaire.

The problem with mine was the motor control board, however after I pulled out the old and and put in the replacement, then after  I noticed that the board I pulled has a fuse in it,  and sure enough it was blown. I don't know what made it blow, but i would have changed that fuse FIRST and see if it blew again before getting a new board. So that is something to look at; that is  and could be a super cheap fix for someone.

I found a used motor control board on Ebay  so way  much cheaper than you can buy a new one, and it worked  just fine for a fraction of the cost.

I found a new door switch on Amazon again for  incredibly  way cheaper than on other parts sights, fraction of the other part sight costs .  Again and it was new too. Frigidaire OEM Part #131763202. I first changed this as it seems like this part fails often.  Now I have a new one in the machine  and have the old one as a back up.

I found the water fill pressure switch on Amazon too, Frigidaire 134433701 Washing Machine Pressure Switch,

Not only did I save a ton of money, but I learned how these front end washers work. It was easy to work on too and to get to the parts so don't feel intimidated about that.  I personally like this washer, its simple and works great for me, I was looking at new washers  just in case and I sure don't need one that can connect to a smartphone, they just often they had BS bell and whistles that I don't need, just more stuff to break. I have had this washer for almost 10 years and this is the first problem I have had with it, plus the  washer sits outside on my  small covered back porch and been there for that whole time! (I live in the south very rarely have to worry about freezing).  I felt good about fixing it and not being part of that "just throw it away because its older" mindset.

Thank you to the folks  below and all those who posted on this tread, hey my washer is fixed now,  and for cheap !!! 

Washer digram I found at:

And here:

Thank you to;u=12609  :-\  "LowSL2"  for posting that the GE and Frigidiare of this model  are the same, the Frigidiare parts are cheeper and seem to be exactly the same.  Thank you to;u=1024 "MajorApp " for posting the picture of the fridgidiare door latch picture and link that gave me the part number.
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