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Author Topic: Samsung dryer...suddenly multiple issues?  (Read 36 times)

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Samsung dryer...suddenly multiple issues?
« on: August 13, 2018, 03:23:28 PM »

Samsung DV56H9100E out of warranty.  I think I have 3 different issues, although they could all be related/cascading.

A few days ago, after no previous issues, the dryer stopped working.  Power and display worked, but when pressing start I heard one quiet click, and nothing.  I thought it might be the pulley assembly, control board, or a fuse.

Called service tech recommended by Samsung, hesitant to open up a relatively new unit myself. He came out and removed the pulley wheel, telling me it was the pulley shut off switch. He said they fail all the time and aren't needed.  Said I'd be replacing that pulley wheel often and it would work longer without one.  He left.

Immediately, the dryer would only run for a few minutes and turn off.  Called him back.  I didn't get a chance to see what he did, but he ran it on timed dry for a long time and it worked. But the first time I tried to run a load, and it did the same.  But it worked on timed dry, as long as I turned off Eco Dry. So it seems the new problem is the moisture sensor or the control board.

I ran a few loads on timed dry, and each time after a period of time, the vent sensor light would come on and flash, but the unit ran until the cycle completed.

Now frustrated, I opened it up for a look.  He forgot to reconnect the moisture sensor. I reconnected it. I cleaned off the moisture sensors with rubbing alcohol. i cleaned everything and made sure the vents were clear.  I cleaned off the vent sensor connections.

At this point, the dryer still turns itself off after a few minutes on any setting except timed dry.  The dryer still displays a flashing vent sensor at some point into each cycle and stays on, but the cycle completes.

And this morning, I gently turned the drum in the opposite direction, and I heard the clear sound of a belt popping or coming off.  This one could be on me for reinstalling the belt incorrectly, but I am think I did that right as it finished a full cycle after I put everything back together.

The technician now suggests I need a new motor.  This raises some questions as the motor works just fine.  On the second visit, he mentioned that my dryer was too big for the motor that came with it and it would eventually need replacing during an earlier visit.

Any suggestions?  I am guessing a vent sensor and the eco dry not working is the control board?  But that has nothing to do with the pulley.

Thanks everyone in advance.