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Dishwasher Repair / Re: samsung DW
« Last post by Dockterpepper on Today at 04:58:11 PM »
Update,  I brought the pos back home and soaked the case brake in vinegar thinking maybe hard water had the inlet wheel gummed up. Ran this thing in my garage 3 cycles a day and it ran fine.  Take it to my sons house and on the first run it throws the oe code again along with every time I try it.  Any ideas what the heck can be so different between his house and mine?  I'm pulling my hair out here.
Washer Repair / Your Privacy Rights
« Last post by AJ on Today at 04:16:32 PM »

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I'd like to know what other Appliance techs would think about this. Whirlpool refrigerator model number wrs322fdab03. This is the refrigerator that has the lights that sometimes strobes when it's faulty. Considering that this is an LED light that produces no heat I've pondered the idea of bypassing the light switch on the fresh food side permanently. How I come up with this idea was through a short-term experiment where I bypass the door switch. The interior lights were on 24/7 for a month with absolutely no problems. Once I re-established connection on door switch within 24 hours lights were malfunctioning again. The master light is part number wpw10515058. This unit also has two slave lights that works off of the master. Now I'm not in the habit of jury-rigging something but these lights are expensive and worthless. Just wondered what others might think of this.
Here is the parts list and a service pointer.
Washer Repair / GE s2100g5ww has a mind of it's own
« Last post by alan smithey on Today at 02:28:26 PM »
This is a weird problem. My GE Washing machine seems to do whatever it wants. Rather than doing what the timer is telling it to do it seems to agitate and drain randomly on it's own schedule. I haven't seen it load with water or spin though. I thought this was a bad timer for sure, but after replacing it nothing has changed.
Any suggestions?
I was called out to look at this Mhw8630hw0 washer that "wont lock."
I started machine on drain/spin mode and can hear relays clicking but it never locked or advanced at all.
I removed the top panel of the washer but there's only a wiring diagram and no service manual.
I tried the 123 service mode sequence used on other maytag washers and it does go into service mode.
The error codes are F5 E2, F0 E2, F0 E5
I cleared the error codes.
I started a auto test mode and it displays 001 and the machine locked and started filling with cold water, the tub fills up way too far.
The machine then powers off with a chime without going to next step of auto test.
I restarted auto test and the machine drained out and refilled and shut off promptly again after overfilling.
My instinct tells me to replace the water level control first.
My parts supplier had to call maytag to find the part number because it's new and there's not even a parts breakdown available. They'll call me once they get thru and find the numbers.
If anybody has any experience with these or knows where to find the service sheet it would be a huge help.
Refrigerator & Freezer Repair / Re: GE SxS frozen waterline
« Last post by olyteddy on February 25, 2020, 03:10:40 PM »
 :thanks: O0 O0 O0 O0
Refrigerator & Freezer Repair / GE SxS frozen waterline
« Last post by olyteddy on February 25, 2020, 02:09:07 PM »
A while back I saw that one of our members was selling a syringe and tubing set up to thaw these. Anyone have a lead on where to get one, or where to find an empty zoom spout bottle?
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