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Title: Kitchenaid Dryer No Heat
Post by: TechnicianBrian on March 20, 2008, 11:13:21 PM
Model # KEYS850LQ1, the complaint on this dryer was no heat during operation. After inspection, I discovered the thermal cut-off was open preventing current flow to the heat element. This would be a normal repair, but this isn't the first time this dryer has stopped heating and each time a part is replaced and it works for a month or so and then fails again. I did some electrical tests and discovered one of the two heat elements was shorted to the heater box allowing current to flow from one of the 120 volt lines and providing partial heat. What has been happening is one of the elements was shorted to the chassis (probably since the factory) causing it to heat all the time. Since it was only half the voltage to the element, it didn't cause the high-limit thermostat to fail, but eventually the heat would buildup enough to cause the thermal cut-off to fail. Replaced the thermal cut-off and bent the element frame back into position so it wasn't shorted anymore, and now it functions just fine. This is just an example of doing a complete check when replacing electrical components, and not just replacing what has failed.

Dryer Thermal Cut-Off Kit Part # 279816
Title: Re: Kitchenaid Dryer No Heat
Post by: JWWebster on March 20, 2008, 11:29:21 PM
I always check my pigtail prongs for shorts before I pronounce one fixed.