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Title: Washer Walking on spin cycle
Post by: Lee on May 19, 2009, 11:54:57 AM
Washer is walking on spin cycle.
Also need advice on how to access washer from front or how to open up front and top panels IE; screw removal, prying,hammering,torching,bulldozing (just kidding)

Model FWS235RFS6
Title: Re: Washer Walking on spin cycle
Post by: BrntToast on May 20, 2009, 08:39:03 PM
there are clips that hold the lid down, you insert a putty knife in the gap between lid and front panel and push in on the clips then lift the lid
the front panel has 2 screws near the bottom, remove screws and lift lid, then the front panel slides down and comes off
off balance can be a few things, broken leg on base,broken spring, bad snubber or broken bolt on inner tub trunion

so once front panel is off first thing is a good visual inspection, common friggy problems.... oil leak from trans greeses snubber and causes it to slide too easily,   so look for oil

another i see alot of is the broken bolt on the inner basket trunion... to test this you grasp the top of the inner tub and rock it. the outer tub should move with the inner, if the inner tub moves more or feels loose you need to remove the agitator and check the 2 bolts under there

btw, if it is that bolt broken you can replace it at any hardware shop,  BUT make sure its a galvanised or stainless bolt or it'll rot in no time
Title: Re: Washer Walking on spin cycle
Post by: Lee on May 26, 2009, 11:09:26 AM
I did get the panels off and looked at all the springs etc and thought there was a bolt missing on the bottom that held the drum in place.So I called the local store and and talked to a tech and he said it was most likely the snubber, like you said, and that it was quite a job to replace.
So that's where I am at,the washer is about 10 years old?.Got any preferences on a front loader?