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Title: GE Side by Side Ice Dispenser randomly dispensing water and ice
Post by: ltr54 on May 19, 2009, 01:17:54 AM
Hi Everyone,

My GE side by side fridge suddenly began shooting ice out as my family and I were all sitting down for dinner tonight.  No one was using the dispenser or even within 10 feet of the appliance.  After determining it wasn't a ghost (don't ask) I got the ice to stop by pressing the control lock on the pad.  A few minutes later Water began shooting out causing a small flood (I am very grateful this happened while we were home and awake!). Pressing control lock did the trick again, but  I ultimately pulled the water filter on the fridge side to stop the water flow to be sure.  I am guessing it is a electronic malfunction.  Anyone have any advice?  I am pretty handy and would feel comfortable replacing circuitry boards etc..

PS my meat drawer is also really lame on this matter what I set it at, it is usually registers about a toasty 48 degrees!  Maybe the problem is related?

thank you so much!