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Title: Whirlpool dryer wonít start. WED5800BC0. FIXED
Post by: Bearcat on September 06, 2022, 12:10:21 AM
Hello All,

I have designed a kit for use on many electronic versions of Whirlpool, Maytag, and Kenmore dryers.

If the operating fuse ( the small plastic fuse, usually connected by 2 blue wires ) is blown, and the dryer has an oval shaped thermistor next to it,then this kit should work on it.

I listed one of the model numbers in the subject line, although there are over 2500 different models that can use this kit.   If you are unsure if your model will work, please feel free to ask.

In my experience, the thermistor seems to never be at fault.  The problem lies in the control board.  You can replace the operating fuse, although this doesnít solve the problem.  The dryer may last a few cycles, or a few weeks, although you will be back.

The control boards are expensive, and nearly every dryer has a different board.  I donít think any of us are stocking dryer control boards on our trucks.

Anyway, I have designed a simple little kit to monitor the temperature on these dryers.  It literally installs in less than 5 minutes.  All push on connectors.  No wires to cut.  Comes with instructions and updated wiring diagram.  I have tested this kit on hundreds of real world customer dryers, and have never had a callback.

The only other thing to tell you, is that depending on what is wrong with the control board, the dryer may heat the same temperature in all cycles, including air fluff.  Customer should be told about this prior to beginning a repair.  I never have had a customer decide not to fix the dryer because of this.  Actually I always made the sale, because I was able to fix their dryer, on the same day.

I have decided to offer these kits to technicians only.

I am asking for a cash donation of $100, per kit.  If you think that is too much, I understand.  Obviously, you would be making a donation not just for the parts, and instructions, and postage, although for my time and creativity to design such a kit.

P O Box 8
Hiwasse, AR 72739