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Title: Kenmore Microwave Repair Help
Post by: sadmarvinrobot on January 10, 2022, 11:24:15 AM
Hello All- I have a microwave repair situation that I would really love some help in figuring out.

The Microwave: Kenmore 665.60652000 (Manufactured October 2000)

The situation is as follows:
- We recently had a water boil advisory, so I was boiling water in an assembly-line style using the microwave. I did this because the stove was taking forever and I didn't want to stand there and watch it.
- I did 13 minutes at a time on high, one after the other.
- At the end the 4th run, the microwave made a loud grinding noise for several seconds, then completely shut off. There was no light on the display, and the breaker had tripped. I reset the breaker, and the clock came back on. I did not use the microwave again for the rest of that day and night.
- The next day, I went to warm up food, and the microwave made the same grinding noise for several seconds, then turned off again. The breaker did not trip this time. Nothing I did could get any power back to the unit.

Blown Fuse?
- I did some research and saw that there was a possibility that it could be a blown fuse. I ordered a new fuse and installed it. Upon installation, the clock came back on when I plugged the unit back in. Both the internal light and range light also worked.
- When I attempted to run a test, the microwave made the same grinding sound (did not trip the breaker) and powered off. It would not come back on again.

Other Ideas?
- I found my way to a post that indicated that the thermoprotector might be at fault (part information below). This is a cheap part, but very difficult to replace because you have to take the entire unit apart.
- I will certainly attempt this if I get some kind of confirmation that this is the culprit, but I have no way of knowing and don't want to proceed further without more information.
Microwave Thermoprotector 8183697
Genuine OEM Part # 8183697

Why Bother?
- The general consensus is that microwaves are not worth repairing. I completely understand the reasons why. I know this microwave is very old.
- HOWEVER- in my research of new microwaves, I've been unable to find a unit that isn't going to fail within a couple of years and/or potentially start a fire. I have zero confidence in any unit at any price point or form factor.
- The microwave died because of something stupid I did, and not due to crappy manufacturing or a defect.
- Therefore, I really want to do whatever I can to repair this one, if it is possible.
- I would rather spend the money on parts/repair than on a new microwave because I feel this approach provides a higher chance of long-term reliability. I do not feel willing to buy units every year or so and just throw them in the garbage.

So, my big questions to the community are:
- Does anyone have any ideas regarding what component(s) could be at fault here, and how I might repair them?
- Does anyone know what that grinding noise before power off means?
- Is this unit simply unrepairable?

I greatly appreciate any ideas or thoughts you might have on this project, and will provide any additional information, as needed.

Thank you!