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Title: Samsung Ice Dispenser wont stop Dispensing
Post by: Datagg on October 13, 2021, 09:41:30 AM
Samsung Model #RF2633BEAESG

Anyone have the issue when ice dispenser won't stop dispensing ice. What I had to do was switch quickly to water mode and it stopped. Went back to ice and it began dispensing again. Back to water and it stopped. Ok, went outside and flipped breaker. Waited 5 minutes turned back on and water on its own began to dispense. Wife quickly opened door to get it to stop. While door opened, switch back to ice, closed door, ice maker began on own again, so switched back to water and ice dispenser stopped.

Water isn't pouring out either. Turned on child lock to prevent hopefully from this thing from working preventing disaster. Sorry for the long post, but what in the heck is going on. Switch stuck? .. Hopefully someone can explain what in the heck is going on and how to fix. Thank you for your time and help.

Took quick video showing issue.!AEvLC_fOa-z2GCI&cid=AD1607813DBBCD99&id=AD1607813DBBCD99!24855&parId=root&o=OneUp