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Post by: ourlogcabin765 on August 28, 2021, 03:46:17 AM
HI. I am in need of some information such as technical data, service manual, DIY troubleshooting guide, diagnostic mode testing and codes and possibly info on if and how the control board is repairable. for GE GSS25QGTI CC SN# zr 410127 SIDE BY SIDE REFRIGERATOR. The thing has been acting up for a while now...over the at least past year started with the water dispenser, (changed filter) sometimes it would work then sometimes not. then one time it stopped producing ice(got that fixed), clicking on and off at first, then went to a light hum every now and then. then noticed temps were a few degrees off but it would go back to normal so quick that didn't seem to have to worry about it. then maybe 2 months ago.. we had lightening hit a tree and i  our house. it fried our cable antenna, every single camera and the security system that was installed, a TV, modem, just to name the major stuff. the fridge came back on eventually after switching the breaker off and on a few times. then the humming starts getting louder then louder.. humming or buzzing whatever the noise was I was on the verge of checking into the state mental hospital. MY partner could never hear the noise and probably thought he should check me in himself.
anyways, over time. i noticed freezer was getting warmer..then fridge.. it got to where it became a constant thing were temps would get warm.. then go back to normal.
i don't know what was going on in my mind at that point HERES YOUR SIGN TO FIX IT BEFORE IT GETS WORSE but no to think oh its going back to normal so no worries.
I'm just a city girl living a country life having to learn DIY on my own on any and everything that breaks down around here.... and here lately it seems like every time I turn around I am searching help from forums, google, or YouTube.
I did the basic things the internet told me to do. cleaned the coils. checked the fan, etc. well needless to say, I think I have narrowed it down. to the 2 resistors on the control board for the evaporator fan they are slightly discolored (burnt I'm assuming maybe from the lightening strike) and the evaporator fan/motor itself. it acts like it wants to go.. but just cant mustard up enough power to move.
I just need a little guidance to get it to running again if that's even possible.. at least until the beginning of the year til I can replace it. Thanks in advance for any insight, info, feedback that is offered.