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Title: Ninja AutoIQ blender disassembly
Post by: joedroid78 on August 20, 2021, 08:13:31 PM
My Ninja Auto-IQ blender (1500 watt) had a single-serve jar that was leaking. My wife complained but continued to use it for a few months until one day it completely stopped working.
I opened it up on the hope that I can clean it up and make it run again. But, all that leaked liquid food from the jars have formed a crud so hard to clean. Anyway, I pretty much removed all parts and cleaned them up. But, i don't know how to remove the ring spinner where the pitcher sits on from the motor below the black cover? Is there a way to remove the motor completely from the black motor cover without wrecking it? Please see video. I'm not a very handy guy, but I can try. There is a lot of food and crud right below the black cover that I want to clean. Any help is appreciated. (

Thank you, Joe