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Title: Temp alarm on Whirlpool WSR57R18DM00
Post by: houtxfdcapt on May 24, 2021, 10:59:17 AM
This is I believe a stand a lone fridge I purchased some time ago and put in the garage.  Its worked great thru the years.  Its quit cooling.  Here is what I have done so far.

started to give me an overheat alarm and eventually nothing was getting power.  I put in a new control board and everything has power but still does not cool.

Cleaned the condenser coils-they were pretty clean.
Compressor and fan does come on and sound good.
Evap fan comes on and is strong.
evaporator is not froze over and is completely dry and not getting cold
Evap thermistor at 76.5 degrees F is at 5.16 k ohms, and 11.67 k ohms at 32 degrees F

Did the service diagnostic as described in the tech sheet, step seven did not produce a failure code.

Any other tips you guys have that i can try? or am i at the checking freon level ?

I did see where dab posted the a tech sheet and service pointers.

Thanks so much!