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Title: LAT8234AAE: drive motor sometimes does not turn on, thoug timer advances. Ideas?
Post by: kseniyap on December 04, 2020, 01:46:50 PM
Drive motor sometimes does not turn on in my LAT8234AAE washer. No humming sound, no indication of a problem motor. Timer continues to advance as expected as well as all other functions. When the motor starts it runs normally through a current function until timer switches to another function. Everything looks and sounds very well, nothing seems damaged, burnt or even worn (which would be expected).
Tried to exclude check switch, caught a spin cycle running without it. Tried to test more, eventually blown the fuse and connected the check switch back (with the new fuse). Could the check switch of the lid switch assembly be a problem if the timer continues to advance through a function, that does not work?
Cleaned contacts on the motor switch (though it seems that it matters only after the motor starts, which works each time as expected, once it is successfully turned on). Same result.
All 5 wires to the motor switch show 123-124V.
Looking at the schema next thing to check should be an overload protector. Is it a part of the motor? How do I test it?
Appreciate any ideas on what else to test/replace.
Thank you