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Title: Bosch SHX33A05UC/22 won't start sprayer cycle
Post by: MrPeanut1234 on May 18, 2020, 08:29:19 PM
Hi, My dishwasher will fill water (and will intermittently drain some water too), but the circulation pump/sprayer does not start. In between I can hear a faint electronic hum, as well as the odd relay clicking. After an extended period of time it will give the 5 beeps (as if the wash cycle was completed). However when it does the 5 beeps, the water isn't emptied and is full up to the base of the door in the tub. I also noticed that the heater was on (if that's of any relevance).

I've tried to turn off, wait 10 minutes and turn back on the dishwasher from the main breaker, but there was no difference.

Also, I read about a "reset" sequence (i.e. hold down the power scrub + rinse & hold buttons for 10+ seconds). When I tried this, the "clean" light turned on, but nothing happens when I close the door. I believe it's supposed to force the tub to drain.

Note the drain pump seems to be functioning, as I hear it sometimes turn on and drain excess water. Also, I inspected the check-valve, and it seemed to be working okay.

My guess is that either the control board is bad, or the circulation pump is faulty?

Please advise.  :thanks: