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Title: JennAir JJW9827DDS Double oven: Lower oven controls only beep
Post by: mbed on March 13, 2020, 11:37:20 AM

Our lower oven does not respond to anything on the control panel. The upper one does. Have done power off overnight. Still only beeps when touching anything except when poking around a "feature not available Press Help" appeared and also in yellow "9d22" next to the clock. It seems to be an electric range error code?

On repowering, the display says something about unlocking the oven door. The lock hook is rather loose on the lower oven compared to the upper one...perhaps that is causing the issue? I have swapped out the entire control assembly (entire setup held in place by the four screws) expecting the problem to have been in the control panel...same problem so the original panel is okay.

Another post suggested an open in the heating element could cause this. Do you think my next step should be to swap the heating element (assuming the lower one not the broil one) or try the lock hook mechanism? I may have the parts to try from a salvaged oven with the same model number...

On a very limited budget and any and all help will be greatly appreciated! Many thanks in advance!

PS-Sorry for the repost! I clarified the subject line and reposted because I did not know how to edit the previous one.