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Title: samsung DW
Post by: Dockterpepper on February 08, 2020, 06:34:42 PM
Hey everybody. I'm hoping somebody can help me out with the tech sheet for a samsung dishwasher model # DW80F800UWS.  Bought it used for my son, the guy told us it had OE code and said it just needed a new case brake.  Got it home and started doing some research and saw a video where a guy blew out the hose at the bottom of the case brake and said it fixed it.  I did that to this one and hooked it up in the driveway and it ran two cycles flawlessly.  I'm thinking I lucked out so I take it to my son's to hook it up and on the first cycle it shows OE code.  :ticked off:  Thanks in advance. 
Title: Re: samsung DW
Post by: Dockterpepper on February 26, 2020, 04:58:11 PM
Update,  I brought the pos back home and soaked the case brake in vinegar thinking maybe hard water had the inlet wheel gummed up. Ran this thing in my garage 3 cycles a day and it ran fine.  Take it to my sons house and on the first run it throws the oe code again along with every time I try it.  Any ideas what the heck can be so different between his house and mine?  I'm pulling my hair out here.
Title: Re: samsung DW
Post by: manden on February 27, 2020, 10:40:26 AM
Could be a drain problem at his place.
Run it with it pulled out so you can see what is happening in the case.
Perhaps it is not emptying all the way between cycles.

Could be that whatever you blew out was sucked back in.

Might even be that it is filling too fast at his place.
Turn the supply down some to check this.

Please be aware that all the above are just guesses.

Title: Re: samsung DW
Post by: Dockterpepper on February 27, 2020, 03:18:27 PM
   Thanks for the reply, like I said i ran it 3-4 cycles a day at my place for about four days and the very first cycle I ran at his place it threw the OE code :ticked off:  So as Im banging my head on the wall I'm wondering what is different between his place and mine.  I finally get to thinking about his floor running a little down hill from side to side so I get my level on it and its actually level.  So after much banging my head again I pull it out from under the cabinet and not being able to fit my 2' level front to back i decided to shim up the front legs and wha' la' that was it.  the floor tilts down hill (older house) just enough front to back that the water would back up in the tube and trip the overflow sensor.  My fix was to take the back leg off the machine so it sits on the case in the back and the legs in the front but its level. :thanks: