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Title: kitchenaid superba KGSC308LSS0 oven turn on, on its own. display panel blank
Post by: inganmarcelo on August 20, 2019, 12:45:04 AM
My kitchenaid superba KGSC308LSS0 is acting up. it could be possessed.
last friday my wife and kid was at home doing their normal home stuff, and suddenly my wife noticed that the house was getting way too hot with no apparent reason.
She noticed that the oven was on but nothing was displayed on the control display.
Since there was nothing displayed on the screen there were no mean to shut it down..
She got scared and called the Fire department.. Those busy brave man came into my house and unplugged and shut the gas off. I felt really bad..
After all the fiasco I went online and did some research on my own...
Some say is the thermostat some say its the relay on control board. if it is the relay would I be able to swap the relay part only or do I need to replace the entire control board?
Can anyone advice me a proper way to fix my possessed Range/Oven?
I am scared because no one or my kids could be home alone and this could happen...

Thank you in advance for your help guys!!