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Title: GE JGS760BELTS both broil and bake flames go out shortly after they ignite.
Post by: RAChase on June 26, 2019, 06:41:25 PM
I have a customer with a factory scrap GE slide in "dual fuel" gas range.This range is 110v with gas, Looks just like and may be a JGS760BELTS. In both the bake and broil mode the flame goes out in approximately 45 seconds. The customer tells me if he keeps playing with it once it hits temperature it works fine. I read...

" GE representative Allison Eckelkamp explains how it works: "While the oven is electric [as are all ovens in dual-fuel ranges], it actually uses gas to help with the pre-heat so that the higher voltage is not needed. Once warmed, the electric takes over so that people get that nice even baking they expect from an electric oven."

That explains why once at temperature it works, have you guys ever a GE of this type where both bake and broil flames go out? I'm wondering if during bake it uses broil to preheat and the issue is a broil igniter?