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Title: Anyone converted a Dacor hood from internal to remote blower?
Post by: htroberts on June 20, 2019, 07:29:49 PM
[this forum isn't a perfect match for the topic, but seemed like the closest--moderators please move if somewhere else is]

I have a Dacor EHD366 Epicure hood. A squirrel got through the vent cap, came down the exhaust duct, ended up on top of the blower, and ate the wiring in the little bridge that's built into the blower motor.

I could try to repair it, or I could (I think) replace the blower, but here's what I'm wondering:

If I have a remote blower, can I just connect that to the terminal block that feeds the internal blower?

Does anyone know what the differences between the internal and remote blower hoods are? Seems like I'd need something to channel airflow between the flat baffle plate and the exhaust collar (i.e. to replace the existing blower with a passive piece of sheet metal). Any idea how that was done in the factory remote hood? (pics would be ideal)

Anyone ever tried this?

Last question: if you have a remote blower, are you happy with it? Do you think it's quieter or more effective than the internal one?