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Title: Maytag Neptune seal orientation
Post by: def on March 23, 2019, 04:24:36 PM
Well, the old Neptune that many of you helped me resurrect years ago has finally begun the dreaded "rocks in a jet engine" sound signifying need for replacing the seals and bearings. I have my MAH4000Aww apart, old bearings and seal out and ready to go back together. Bearings are currently chilling in the freezer. My seal style is the old style with the plastic spider and no o-ring.

Upon disassembly, I noticed that the seals had been replaced previous to my ownership however, I believe the seal and spider were installed incorrectly.

Can someone please provide the correct orientation of the spider and the two seal pieces. The photo shows what I believe to be the relative orientation of the front seal relative to the shaft.

My intuition says the following;

1- Looking into the tub from the front of the machine, the spider goes in front of the large front bearing with the protruding feet facing the front.
2- Two piece seal which is orientated with the steel ring at the front is driven into the seal hub recess until bottomed and resting on the three protrusions of the spider.

Your help is appreciated.
Title: Re: Maytag Neptune seal orientation
Post by: def on April 05, 2019, 09:46:47 PM
Well, the old MAH4000 is back together again. New bearings and seal...should last another 10 years then the bottom steel pan will be rusted. Then, I'll have to find another used front loader to replace it. Any comments or thoughts as to what I should look for?

I was missing only one screw to secure the rear pully is probably rattling around in the bottom somewhere.

I notice that there are many different screw sizes and lengths to keep track of when assembling. Also, the lid securing design is strange. I found lots of rust under the detergent door where a previous owner had been careless with bleach. I wire brushed, primed and painted the door opening. Looks like new.

So, what's your favorite for the Neptune's future replacement?

1- LG
2- Samsung
3- Kenmore
4- GE
6- Miele
7- Another Maytag

BTW, I could care less about WI-FI connectivity...I just want a dependable machine with large capacity that doesn't mind sitting in the garage next to a smelly diesel tractor.
Title: Re: Maytag Neptune seal orientation
Post by: def on April 09, 2019, 04:37:31 PM
Subsequent to the repair of my Neptune, I inspected and analyzed the old, failed bearings I removed from the machine. I was careful to apply force only to the outer race so as not to impart further indentation marks and damage to the failed bearings.

Inspection of the bearings showed the front, larger bearing was the more severely damaged. Also, it was noteworthy that the front bearing was sealed while the rear bearing was shielded, two very different bearing constructions which provide different protection levels. A previous repair had been made whereby the incorrect shielded bearing had been installed in the rear position. Inspection showed both bearings suffered from water entering the bearing load surfaces, washing away of factory lubrication and eventual corrosion, brinelling and compromise of the load surfaces.

This application requires the use of double sealed bearings.

My Neptune is fitted with the old style seal. This shaft seal is designed to prevent wash water leaking from the tub and entering the bearing area. The seal had failed severely. There was little elastomer remaining on either of the steel seal pieces and the plastic spacer had been installed incorrectly. While there was some corrosion and wash water deposits on the spinner shaft owever the shaft cleaned up well with a small wire brush on a hand held electric drill. 

Installation of the bearings went as follows;

1- Thorough cleaning of the bearing hub with the drill wire brush to remove corrosion and deposits.
2- Light application of grease to hub surfaces.
3- Heating of the metal hub area with a heat lamp.
4- Chilling of the bearings in the freezer.

Insure that the bearings are fully seated during installation and that the bearing spacer tube is centered. If the bearings are not fully seated, the seal may not operate correctly to protect the bearings from future water incursion. Properly installed bearings with a correctly installed seal should last many years.

A note about bearings; there have been comments about bearing quality from Asian sources. The bearing in our washers are not heavily loaded nor do they operate at high RPM. Chinese bearings properly installed and protected with a new properly installed seal will provide similar service life to NSK, FAG or other name brand bearings. Use HE detergents and load the washer properly. I expect my old Neptune will last at least 5 more years. 

My Neptune is relegated to a position in my garage along with cars, lawnmowers, diesel tractor and a 40 foot motorhome. I can no longer hear the machine when it in the extract cycle. It is quieter than the top loader Frigidaire in the house.

Unfortunately, a rusted bottom pan will likely spell the end of life for this machine.

I'll let you all know when that happens and I'll report on the bearings and seal at that time.

Stay tuned.

Title: Re: Maytag Neptune seal orientation
Post by: def on May 06, 2019, 06:23:34 PM
OK, so I have run several loads in the Neptune since the bearing/seal replacement. What a difference. Not only is it quiet but, I can hear that the drive motor is not working as hard during any of the cycle operations, especially the high speed extract. More to follow as I get more miles on the new bearings and seal.

If I am just boring you folks, let me know and I'll go fix my motorhome or tractor, or motorcycle or something....