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Title: whirlpool WASHER LTE6234DQ3 transmission does not work agitation
Post by: yelc on August 16, 2016, 05:05:18 PM

Hello, I appreciate if you could help me.

I have a WASHER / DRYER LAUNDRY SYSTEM LTE6234DQ3 whirlpool model, which lost oil by the oil seal of the transmission, change the seal and this neutral kit, because the crown damage.

Reassemble the transmission and test manually before installing and out all right (makes agitation and spin), but when installed in the washing machine does not work agitation, it seems to be set free.

I remove the transmission again and put into operation out of the washer. It worked perfect (agitation and spin).

I returned to place the transmission in the washer and had the same problem.

I check carefully and saw that the Drive Tube, slides down, pressing the clutch, which could be the origin of the failure.

Will the brake shoes are worn the Tube Drive? or that could be causing this failure?

Thanks in advance