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Title: Speed queen washer main belt pulley for agitator worn at helix
Post by: Thorning on July 09, 2015, 04:36:46 AM
I currently am working on an older Speed Queen model AWM352L that has a severely worn main belt. Also the pulley on the bottom of the agitator shaft is flopping around on the shaft. I have taken the motor out but cannot see how to get this pulley off the splined  agitator shaft. I took the small retainer bolt off the bottom but the pulley is apparently a press fit. Also the pulley may no longer be available as a repair part and wondered if there is an alternate part from an Amana washer that will fit and work ? The brake pads appear to be OK but I think the brake rotor may be worn somewhat. Is there a procedure for removal if I can find a replacement part ? If I have to take the agitator out to remove the shaft how does this come out as I dont see any cap for a retainer bolt ?  Can someone direct me to a service manual that has decent pictures and procedure for repair of this machine as it is in good clean condition otherwise ? HELP