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Title: Maytag Washer Vibrating and Shaking During Spin
Post by: TechnicianBrian on July 08, 2008, 06:55:48 AM

Model #MTW5700TQ0, this washer had been recently delivered and then moved by the customer into their laundry room. The first load started working just fine, but the unit began making a terrible sound and according to the customer, the machine walked it's way across the room before they were able to shut it off. I put the unit into a spin cycle myself and quickly verified the problem.

Properly Move your Washer
I have seen many problems occur shortly after a washer is delivered that are the result of improper handling of the machine while it is being moved. So much so that I had written a short article for a delivery and installation newsletter that outlined this specific problem. So instead of writing a new post, I figured I would just share my previous work.

The careful handling and movement of any appliance is important and should go without saying, but improperly moving many top load washers as little as a few feet can result in a returned product, or even a damaged machine. Let me explain. Top load washers rely on a suspension system that has been designed and built to accept heavy loads as the result of water and clothing pressing down on them. This suspension system will then attempt to distribute this weight in a way that will not create excessive noise for the customer during the wash and spin cycles. As long as the load is in the downward direction, everything should remain OK, but if the suspension were exposed to a lifting force, damage will usually be the result.

Where would a lifting force come from? The most common source would be the installer or customer trying to lift the machine by using the front of the tub and sliding the unit back into place against the wall after bringing it into the laundry room. By lifting the unit by the tub, you are asking the suspension system to take the weight of the rest of the unit, but in the opposite direction it was designed to accommodate. When the washer is set back in place, this lifting will often cause suspension rods to slide out of their tracks, suspension plates to rotate out of position (and cause a loud noise during spin), and the pump housings and/or motors to contact the frame.

But this can be prevented by taking a couple simple steps. First, the manufacturers provide a locking mechanism to keep the moving parts of the suspension from separating during shipment, and these parts need to remain in place until the unit has been placed in its final location. Second, once the shipping locks have been removed, the washer must never be lifted, lightened, or slid by using the tub top in any way. Use the washer cabinet to make any minor movements as needed to get the washer into place and inform the customer of the correct way to move the unit if they ever need to get behind it.

The correct moving and adjusting of these top load washers will prevent a functional unit from being returned, and accidental damage to the customers home and property.

Putting the Pieces Back
Now what had happened to this unit was the customer had indeed lifted the unit by the front of the tub, and then pulling the machine toward then, used their legs to help drop it into place. In doing so, the suspension plate slipped out from between the base and the tub support, which resulted in the weight of the tub resting not on the suspension system, but the metal base. And as you can tell in the video, makes a lot of noise. With the help from the customer lifting up on the tub again, I was able to rotate the suspension plate back into position so now the washer sounds normal again.

MTW5700TQ0 (
Title: Re: Maytag Washer Vibrating and Shaking During Spin
Post by: JWWebster on July 08, 2008, 01:08:28 PM
How did you know when you had the tub positioned correctly?
Title: Re: Maytag Washer Vibrating and Shaking During Spin
Post by: TechnicianBrian on July 08, 2008, 05:53:07 PM
Hey JW,

I had a before and after photo, but guess I forgot to add the after once I scheduled the post.  But to make sure it is aligned, simply make sure the suspension plate is lined up with  arms of the tripod and support base and everything should work well.

Title: Re: Maytag Washer Vibrating and Shaking During Spin
Post by: kellonnie on February 25, 2010, 07:16:26 PM
thanks so much tech brian, exactly what i needed for tomorrow.