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Title: 31-9155 GE Dishwasher Water Distribution System
Post by: AJ on May 08, 2014, 11:01:55 PM
This technical service guide covers the changes in the standard line of dishwashers. The 2007 standard dishwashers include 39 models in 12 family groups.

The most significant changes are in the new water distribution system. These changes include the following features:

New Spray Arm Assembly - has a new spray arm base with locking ring and release tab for removal

New Extra Fine Filter Assembly - filtration up to one-onehundreth of an inch, is self cleaning, and has 1 screw and a release tab for removal

New Pump Assembly - has a low flow impeller, new grater nut, new arm valve, and a new disposer blade

New Single Part Collection Chamber - with sump and check ball that works with the fine filter 

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